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Useful advice for skin care

What is skin?

Our skin is not impenetrable. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and has a protective function. It protects our internal organs from external influences. In principle, the skin is very resistant to the penetration of external influences such as bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful agents. However, there are certain situations and conditions that can allow the penetration of some substances through the skin. For example, after burns, wounds, cuts, or other skin injuries, it can become less resistant. Also, there are certain chemicals, drugs, or toxic substances that can penetrate through the skin if they are small enough and have the appropriate properties. In such cases, the skin can be impenetrable, but under normal conditions, the skin provides extremely good protection to the body. Considering that the skin is impenetrable, it is only possible to treat its outer part and, above all, to care for it. For this purpose, we give you some tips on how to treat problematic skin: Just as you maintain your car, washing machine, children, marriage, and everything else that is important to you, you need to maintain your skin. It does not require much effort or sacrifice. It is enough to stick to healthy habits and the recommendations of experienced beauticians.

Problematic skin before and after treatment

Healthy vs. problematic skin

Healthy and well-groomed skin without blackheads and pimples is beautiful in itself. P Problematic skin requires regular treatments, even a series of treatments (needle-free mesotherapy, chemical peels, etc.) that allow the skin to be healthy and clean with an even complexion. Let us remind you that one treatment is not enough to solve the problem on the face. Healthy and beautiful skin is the key to happiness, and patience when treating problem skin is crucial. Problematic skin must be treated. For interventions that are smaller and do not require a dermatologist, the skin is mostly scratched and treated with the following cosmetic treatments:

 Hygienic facial treatment 

Meso therapy without needles

 Radio wave lifting; 

Chemical peels  orginal by CHRAMEWERK

Micro dermo abrasion 


 Green Peel  


 Collagen Threads Biological treatment.

Patience is very important in skin healing.

Useful advice and tips for keeping your skin in excellent condition

Treating problem skin can be a long process that requires persistence and patience. In addition to cooperation with a dermatologist and beautician who will recommend adequate treatment and home care, hygiene and home care are indispensable. 

We have prepared useful tips and recommendations for home care in order to achieve appropriate results.

 Hygiene and home care are of great importance for curing problematic skin. As soon as you notice the first changes on your skin, you need to start taking care of it right away, starting with hygiene.

Facial cleansing (makeup removal) 

Rinsing (washing) with lukewarm water twice a day and after sweating

 Cleansing the face with a mild tonic

 The cream is suitable for the type and condition of the skin.

 Have your own towel that you don’t rub your face with but just pick up excess water with. 

Change pillowcases often. 

Healing problematic skin requires patience.

Avoid this

Oil preparations/creams 

Tonics based on alcohol 

Touching your face during the day, 

pressing (squeezing) pimples, blackheads, etc.

 Sunbathing and solariums


Be gentle with your skin. Follow the advice, and you will have healthy and beautiful skin.

Jasmina Mitic

Cosmetologist with 30 years of work experience, cosmetic entrepreneur, and owner of Iris salon

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