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Beauty studio Iris

Mesotherapy without needles

This method is used for

Mesotherapy is an traditional medical technique that involves injecting active substances into the subcutaneous tissue. Skin problems resulting from skin aging are successfully treated with this method:

  • Face wrinkles
  • dehydrated and relaxed facial skin
  • neckline, neck

This method is also very successful in treating cellulite and local fat deposits.

Why not a needle?

Because it is the most modern alternative to classical needle mesotherapy, and the advantage of this method over the classical one is obvious, now even people who are afraid of or uncomfortable with needles can alleviate problems such as skin aging, cellulite, and fat spots.


Mesoterapy and Nobel prize

The working principle of needle-free mesotherapy is that the electrode creates a pulsed alternating current, which in turn induces an electro-magnetic field, under the action of which water channels (mesopores) are created between the epidermis and the dermis. This process opens up space for the penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.


Application from our salon

The result after one hygienic treatment and mesotherapy without needles