Hygienic face treatment as we do it

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Hygienic face treatment as we do it

Our success is is a result of the years we have spent refining the hygienic facial treatment.


Sequence of work for our  facial treatment’s hygienic treatment:
Skin assessment, makeup removal, facial skin washing, and FACE MASSAGE (type and length of massage depends on skin condition, age…)
1.PILING is a treatment used to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It allows for the removal of toxins and generates favorable circumstances for other facial treatments.
2. removing blackheads from pores
3. DARSONVAL – thorough skin disinfection, stimulating impact, oxygenation of the skin, circulation improvement…
4. IONTOPHORESIS, the process of giving medicine in ampoules
5. ULTRA SOUND – stimulates skin cell activity and aids in nutrient absorption.
6. The MASK is always individually tailored to each skin. Finally, tips and recommendations for at-home maintenance are provided. The mask’s standing duration is determined by how long it takes to complete the procedure for which it was applied (15, 20, 30, or 40 min) (for problematic skin, control is mandatory)
The state and issues with the skin will determine what tools we employ throughout the therapy.



Earlier and following multiple treatments. Remember that beauticians are not dermatologists as well.


Jasmina Mitic

Cosmetologist with 30 years of work experience, cosmetic entrepreneur, and owner of Iris salon

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