Only clean skin can be healthy.

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Every story about beautiful and clean skin, which means healthy skin, begins and ends with facial hygiene treatment. 


Cold depilation is an outdated and ineffective method for face and body depilation for ladies and gentlemen. 


pedicure manicure

pedicure and manicure using proven methods.


IPL devices for epilation of armpits, breasts, and other fragile parts of the body After that, you’ll be hair-free for a long time. 


Fresh and new 


Welcome to the official presentation of the beauty salon with the longest tradition in Lazarevac. Our salon is a place where, in a very pleasant atmosphere, you can leave yourself in the safe hands of experienced beauticians who will take care of the skin on your face and body. The salon is near the outdoor swimming pool, more specifically in the Craft Center III neighborhood. Over 80 m2 include a comfortable waiting room, a space for cosmetic interventions, and a room with a solarium. Daily training and education connected with extensive experience are a guarantee of quality. The salon was founded in 1984 as part of a family business.



Jasmina Mitić


Constant improvement

Seminars seminars

Quality work requires constant improvement, education at seminars, introduction to new methods, and the exchange of experiences.


The combination of continuous improvement and quality work - a guarantee of success


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Dear customers, We hereby inform you that we do not accept VISA or any other cards. Also, we do not have a notebook for delayed payments because it is our company’s policy not to accept bank transfers.