Beauty studio Iris

Beauty studio Iris

Eyelash extension in 3D

METHOD : Hair on hair

This method is use

We work with high quality material

3D eyelashes are artificial eyelashes that are attached to your natural ones using a one-on-one method with a special glue. After gluing, they curl perfectly close to your natural eyelashes. In our salon, we use Gold Lashes artificial eyelashes, after which you have perfect, long, beautiful, curled eyelashes. There are eyelashes of different colors and lengths, and you choose them depending on your natural and desired look.

3D eyelashes are easy, and you get used to them quickly

This treatment requires a lot of time and concentration on the part of the beautician and the customer. The eyelash extension process itself takes two hours. Lashings stay in place for 5 to 7 weeks.

Why 3D eyelashes?

  • They are worn for up to 30 days, and then a correction is made
  • Tear, water and sweat resistant
  • Curl, length and lashes
  • Does not harm your natural lashes
  • They look natural due to individual implantation
  • They are available in several lengths, thicknesses and colors
  • Provide a youthful appearance
  • They are light and provide a feeling of naturalness when put on
  • Without dyeing, you have dark, thick eyelashes all day long
  • Saves your time because you already have a great look in the morning without makeup