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What you need to know about waxing
One of the oldest methods of removing hair from certain parts of the body is depilation. This method achieves the effect of soft and smooth skin. What you should know about this method: Take a shower before waxing. Maybe it is unnecessary to say that, but when you are sweaty, the wax sticks to the hair harder, i.e., it stretches, so it has to be repeated more often. You go for waxing after a cycle of 3-5 days; then the waxing is less painful and the hairs grow more slowly. In order for the depilated part to be gentle and smooth for a longer period of time, let the hairs grow for at least two weeks. It is ideal to let them go for 3–4 weeks (practice at least when you go on vacation).  After depilation, it is not recommended to shower for 24 hours, to be exposed to the sun for two days, or to swim in the pool. The skin after depilation is sensitive and can get infected and develop spots. Usually, red thickenings appear on the groin that look like subcutaneous pimples. Do not touch them; you will have a stain and you will not do anything. Rarely, when an ingrown hair appears, do not touch or dig; the stain or scar will last longer. And that is much uglier than an ingrown hair. If you often have ingrown hairs, it is best to do epilation on that area. Avoid waxing at home if you are not an expert—you will get burned. “Cold” and “warm” depilation are distinguished by the method of operation and composition; otherwise, both have a certain temperature. It is a misconception that cold depilation is cold. It is recommended to work the armpits and bikini area (Brazilian) with warm wax. Our clients are familiar with the procedure, but it is not out of place to repeat it.