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High frequency facial treatment

Tips and Tricks

Patience is essential when it comes to facial treatments. 

Every  problem on the skin can be solved with an adequate combination of treatments, persistence, work, trust, discipline, and, most importantly, patience. Treatment of problematic skin is not achieved by hygienic treatment. He is just an introduction. We achieve good results through therapies and a combination of treatments. Which combination of treatments we decide on depends on the problem and the condition of the skin. The skin of the face in the picture is not yet fully healed (at least as far as my opinion is concerned), but we are on the right track. With a joint effort, we came to these results. Only cosmetic procedures were carried out, with no medical therapy (antibiotics) included.

Why is hygienic facial treatment important?

Most beauticians emphasize hygienic treatment. Why? Hygienic treatment is the first and most basic treatment. During the day, our skin collects dirt, so since the skin is impenetrable, excess sebum appears on its surface. blackheads, and similar unwanted guests. In order for the skin to “breathe,” the pores must be cleaned. Hygiene treatment is also a preparation for other treatments. If the pores are clean, the skin can receive and use the active substances from the preparation as much as possible, and therefore the effects of future treatments are better. It is recommended to do the treatment once a month, but this is an occasional case. You can only get the right advice from an experienced beautician.


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