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Fruit acids

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What are fruit acids?

Fruit acids (glycolic acids or alpha-hydroxy acids) are substances obtained by extraction from various types of fruit. These are very mild acids with a great positive effect on the skin.

What is the role of fruit acids in cosmetics?

Fruit acids aim to improve skin structure, accelerate cell metabolism, regulate sebum secretion, and shrink pores. They also work to reduce wrinkles, whiten spots or pigment spots on the skin, regulate the skin’s PH factor, and help a lot in the treatment of the initial stages of acne.

How fruit acids work

Fruit acids can be alpha and beta hydroxyl and are intended for all skin types, which have changes that lead to aging and deterioration. Fruit acids reduce wrinkles; the skin becomes smooth and has a softer texture, a healthier and more youthful appearance, and increased elasticity. There are several types of fruit acids, depending on which fruit they are obtained from. THIS TREATMENT WORKS BEST IN THE LATE FALL OR WINTER.

Who is this treatment recommended for?

This treatment is also recommended for adolescents (pubertal acne, oily seborrheic skin, many comedones), where care can begin as early as 14-15 years old to solve a problem, such as acne, oily or dry skin, blemishes, and to prevent the development of a problem. A series of six treatments is recommended.