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Beauty studio Iris

Hygienic facial treatment

Hygienic treatment is the basis for and leads to almost all facial treatments in cosmetics.

The skin of the face, neck, and décolleté is particularly sensitive because it is the most exposed to the influences of the external environment, and the first signs of aging can be observed on it. That’s why facial skin requires special treatment, because a healthy and well-groomed complexion is what gives confidence and is a reflection of general health and beauty care. Our expert team will recommend facial treatments adapted to your skin type, age, and wishes. Hygienic treatment is the basic treatment and personal hygiene treatment; without it, there is no point in upgrading any treatment (radio waves, mesotherapy without needles, fruit acids, dermabrasion, hydration, etc.). A hygienic treatment involves cleaning the skin, which includes removing the top layer and dead cells. Because the majority of skin problems occur during puberty, this treatment should begin at that time. Steps :

  • removing makeup
  • a facial massage (if there are no skin problems)
  • mechanical peeling
  • Vapozone pore opening
  • pore cleansing (draining)
  • pore cleansing (draining)
  • Iontophoresis (introduction of medicinal substances into the skin)
  • Ultrasound (which helps the skin absorb nutrients and accelerates metabolism)
  • mask (soothing skin)
  • cream (the final part of the treatment)

The treatment lasts 90 to 120 minutes. It is recommended once a month for oily and problematic skin.


Phases of a typical hygienic facial treatment