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Beauty studio Iris

Air Brush
( self tanning)


How this method works (must read)

Airbrushing is the process of applying paint to the body in order to achieve a properly sun-tanned body. The procedure is natural and is not based on any chemicals but on preparations obtained from organic matter. A dark complexion is created after the action of DHA on amino acids in the skin and lasts for 7–10 days. The colors we use have been dermatologically tested and are the world’s best for this purpose! The color is “magical,” which means it adapts to your natural pigment (meaning no two people can get the same color). From experience, we recommend spraying 1-2 days before an important event.You can spray the whole body, half the body, only the face, or the face and parts. Clients who spray the whole body in the next 10 days will receivetc.ave a free face and décolleté spray. We recommend spraying in the afternoon or evening, because for theminimum ofinimum 8 hours there is no showering, nor washing hands, teeth… It is necessary to make the preparation, which consists of the following:


Take a shower and exfoliate your body (if you don’t have an exfoliant, use terry cloth gloves). Pay, etc. attention to elknees, and otherknees, body parts where deod andrants, perfumes are often a. ed… The skin must  ande dry, clean, without make-up, without powder, milk,cream , deodorant, perfume… Jewelry should be removed. Bring a wider wardrobe. What Should You Do at Home After Treatment? In the salon, you will receive pants and a disposable cap. After 8 hours of spraying, take a shower. If there is a stain after showering, whether it was caused by your carelessness or our application, it will come to the salon to be repaired immediately. The wardrobe to be dyed is washed in cold water, then in the washing mode for that wardrobe. Don’t be afraid if it turns green; it’s normal because it’s the oxidation process of plant-based dyes. Who is it recommended for? They want to achieve the perfect tan for a festive occasion without having to expose themselves to the sun or tanning beds.

In only 3 minutes, you get a darker color for your skin, like after a long tanning session. A good option for tanning for anyone who does not want or cannot sunbathe in a solarium for whatever reason. A good choice for pregnant women and mothers in labor


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